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CESC supports a resilient and sustainable local
economy that improves and
maintains the Southern Gulf Islands' economic prosperity, social equity
and environmental quality.


The Community Economic Sustainability Commission (CESC) is an advisory commission of the Capital Regional District Board. The Commission is comprised of the CRD Electoral Area Director for the Southern Gulf Islands Electoral Area and members representing Galiano, Saturna, Mayne, and North/South Pender Islands. CESC endeavours to assist in preserving and strengthening existing business, attracting new business and coordinating local economic sustainability initiatives that contribute to the economic prosperity, social equity, and environmental quality of the Southern Gulf Islands.


CESC wants to draw, from the incredible pool of talent on the Southern Gulf Islands, those people who are willing to share their creative energy to help generate a resilient economy. It will take innovative thinking to develop sustainable income opportunities that provide prosperity and wellbeing for the people and the region.


CRD Endorses Housing Strategy for the SGI


Approaching housing solutions in the Southern Gulf Islands Electoral Area (SGI EA) is as unique as the islands themselves, and is the central theme to a new report prepared in consultation with Island residents and endorsed by the Capital Regional District (CRD).

The Southern Gulf Islands (SGI) Housing Strategy states, like many communities in the CRD, housing affordability is the result of complex factors. However in the SGI EA, these factors are compounded by the unique characteristics of the islands as rural, remote, environmentally sensitive, and growth constrained.

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Land in the Southern Gulf Islands donated to CRD for Community Park purposes


Donations of land will support community parks and recreation on Galiano and Mayne Islands.

“We are so thankful for these generous donations, which will enhance our communities for years to come,” said Paul Brent, Electoral Area Director for Southern Gulf Islands. “Our Community parks provide recreational opportunities and help preserve natural areas. Donations like these are one of the ways we are able to expand our parks system.”

Each of these properties has high park values and will complement the federal, provincial and other regional parks nearby. The land will be community park land, and facilities on the land will be made available for public community use.

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