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Broadband Initiative

Developing a sustainable economy in the Southern Gulf Islands requires that we have the infrastructure in place to attract and retain creative people who conduct their business in the “digital economy”. These individuals want access to affordable, reliable, broadband Internet service from their home-based offices as well as business centres.


Education Initiative

Finding ways to attract visitors and new residents to the Southern Gulf Islands is fundamental to generating sustainable economy.


Experience the Gulf Islands


Experience the Gulf Islands is at its heart a geotourism initiative to enrich the lives of residents and visitors through outdoor recreation and direct contact with the land and waters, communities, people, events and heritage of the Gulf Islands.


Resource Inventory

It is important to have a clear and accurate picture of what talent, technology, businesses and resources exist in the Southern Gulf Islands.


Social Finance

The Economic Development Commission has been exploring a variety of new financing models to fund sustainable economic development in the Southern Gulf Islands. Not having to rely on government funding is paramount to creating a resilient, self-sustaining economy.

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The Southern Gulf Islands are highly dependent on service provided by the B.C. Ferries. While the B.C. government scrutinizes the cost of service delivery and travellers baulk at the cost of ferry service, the islands themselves feel the negative impact of schedule changes and cost increases.


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