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Broadband Initiative

Developing a sustainable economy in the Southern Gulf Islands requires that we have the infrastructure in place to attract and retain creative people who conduct their business in the “digital economy”. These individuals want access to affordable, reliable, broadband Internet service from their home-based offices as well as business centres.


Wooden House
Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is a top priority for the Regional Director(s) of the Southern Gulf Islands Electoral Area (SGI EA) and the Southern Gulf Islands Community Economic Sustainability Commission (SGI CESC), which has identified the need for affordable housing as a key factor influencing the economic and social sustainability of the islands.


The Southern Gulf Islands are highly dependent on service provided by the B.C. Ferries. While the B.C. government scrutinizes the cost of service delivery and travellers baulk at the cost of ferry service, the islands themselves feel the negative impact of schedule changes and cost increases.


Organic Garden

The five island communities of South Pender, North Pender, Mayne, Galiano and Saturna all have agricultural and food growing of varying capacity and scale. All have a range of common interests, issues and goals for their agricultural land base.

Food and Agriculture
Beach Cleanup

SGI organizations contribute to economic sustainability in the region. Events and programs hosted by NPOs attract thousands of visitors to our shores, and bring millions of dollars into our communities annually. The Sustainable Funding Initiative (SGI SFI) combines education, resource knowledge, and direct support to develop the capacity of Southern Gulf Island organizations. The program receives funding from the SGI Community Economic Sustainability Commission (CESC), and is delivered by regional non-profit the SGI Community Resource Centre.

Non-Profit Support
Education Initiative

Finding ways to attract visitors and new residents to the Southern Gulf Islands is fundamental to generating sustainable economy.


Experience the Gulf Islands


Experience the Gulf Islands is at its heart a geotourism initiative to enrich the lives of residents and visitors through outdoor recreation and direct contact with the land and waters, communities, people, events and heritage of the Gulf Islands.


Social Finance

The Economic Development Commission has been exploring a variety of new financing models to fund sustainable economic development in the Southern Gulf Islands. Not having to rely on government funding is paramount to creating a resilient, self-sustaining economy.

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