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Non-Profit Support » The SGI Sustainable Funding Initiative

The Sustainable Funding Initiative (SGI SFI) combines education, resource knowledge, and direct support to develop the capacity of Southern Gulf Island organizations. The program receives funding from the SGI Community Economic Sustainability Commission (CESC), and is delivered by regional non-profit the SGI Community Resource Centre.  

Pender, Galiano, Mayne and Saturna are home to hundreds of volunteer-run groups, clubs and organizations that fill a broad range of resident and visitor needs, including transportation, childcare, food security education and training, aging supports, arts, recreation, visitor services, and community wellbeing. These organizations are the lifeblood of Southern Gulf Islands communities, and dedicated volunteers have done much to ensure the liveability of our islands.

SGI organizations contribute to economic sustainability in the region. Events and programs hosted by NPOs attract thousands of visitors to our shores, and bring millions of dollars into our communities annually. The non-profit sector also represents one of the SGI’s largest employers, contracting hundreds of residents for positions in management, administration, program and event coordination, facilitation, and essential service delivery. Further, our volunteer organizations ensure that services traditionally supplied by municipalities are also available to our rural residents. Nationally, the non-profit sector represents 8.7% of Gross Domestic Product and employ 12% of economically active Canadians.

In March 2020, the global Covid-19 pandemic dramatically altered the funding and operational landscape for local organizations. SGI organizations reported a loss of
organizational capacity, board and volunteer attrition, and new challenges adapting and scaling services to rapidly shifting demands. Organizations also described a loss of revenue from cancelled fundraisers, a reduction in donations, and a surge in operational 
costs, which further impacted service delivery.

In response to these emergent needs, the SGI CRC and SGI CESC collaborated to develop a new non-profit support service, the SGI Sustainable Funding Initiative.


As of March 2023, the SGI Sustainable Funding Initiative has concluded its second year. Some program highlights include:

  • Provided grant writing training to 25 SGI non-profit organizations.

  • Provided capacity building workshops to SGI organizations on a range of topics

  • Provided grant seeking services to 61 organizations

  • Facilitated inter-island relationships between NPOs

  • Supported 11 grant applications, with $134,100 in confirmed funding.

  • Sent out monthly grants and resource newsletters, containing grant opportunities, free webinars, free capacity building resources, and information about workshops.

  • Featured 10 SGI organizations, their work, projects and fundraising goals in the newsletter, and on Instagram/Facebook

  • Developed 56 educational templates and exercises

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