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Broadband » Connectivity Planning in the Southern Gulf Islands

Developing a sustainable economy in the Southern Gulf Islands requires that we have the infrastructure in place to attract and retain creative people who conduct their business in the digital economy. These individuals want access to affordable, reliable, broadband Internet service from their home-based offices as well as business centres.


Throughout the Fall and Winter of 2019, the Capital Regional District (CRD)'s SGI Connectivity Planning team engaged with residents, community groups, businesses, non-profits and government agencies in the communities of the Southern Gulf Islands (SGI) Electoral Area (Galiano, Mayne, Pender and Saturna Islands). The SGI team used a variety of methods to engage with the community, including interviews, group discussions, public meetings and online surveys. Conversations focused on the limitations of the current lack of connectivity, and the potential for better, faster, more reliable internet to support the social, economic and sustainability goals of the Southern Gulf Islands.

Some key findings from the online survey (which was also made available in paper format) are as follows:

  • 13.5% of survey respondents did not have access to the internet

  • 78% of residential respondents and 70% of business respondents have less than 19 Mbps download speed. 96% have less than the Federal standard of 50 Mbps download speed.

  • 89% of residential respondents and 71% of business respondents have less than 5 Mbps upload speed. 92% have less than the Federal standard of 10 Mbps upload speed.

  • 88% of residential respondents would like to see higher internet speed and reliability.

  • 93% of business respondents believe better internet connectivity would benefit their business or organization

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