Oil Spill Workshop - Southern Gulf Islands and San Juan Islands
In Aid


are one-time grants awarded to community non-profit organizations operating within the Juan de Fuca, Salt Spring Island and Southern Gulf Islands Electoral Areas.
They are awarded to projects or activities which are beyond the scope of CRD services and represent an appropriate use of tax dollars to benefit the Electoral Areas.

For more information please contact Melody Pender

email: mpender@crd.bc.ca or 250-629-3475

How To Apply

Applications for Grants-in-Aid are received throughout the year, and are submitted by email or fax to the Electoral Area Director for the region from which the application originates:


Grant in Aid Guide (download)

GIA Application Form (download)

Southern Gulf Islands
Dave Howe,
Regional Director for Southern Gulf Islands Electoral Area

Please email or fax completed applications to: mpender@crd.bc.ca or fax: 250-629-3477


2018 Grant in Aids 

  • Moving Around Pender: $4,907
    Completion of Pilot Project

  • Moving Around Pender: $3,836
    Bus parking relocation

  • South Pender Historical Society: $1,600
    2017 Reconciliation Initiative

  • Galiano Island Community Transport Society: $5,000
    Transportation Pilot Project

  • Pender Island Sr. Housing Society: $5,000
    Proposed development options and early planning study.

  • Pender Animal Welfare Society: $6,000
    dog park fencing and gate

  • SIMRIS: $3,500
    High quality underwater camera

  • SSIITS: $5,000
    Tour des Iles Festival 2018

  • South Pender Historical Society $5,000
    Totem pole carved by Tsawout artist

  • SSIITS: $2,500
    development of webite and reservation system for TDI

  • Mayne Island Conservancy: $3,700
    Stewards in Action Restoration Project

  • Int'l Institute for Childs Rights & Dev: $4,400 
    Pender training Retreat for Youth and Youth Workers

  • Galiano Island Conservancy: $2,000
    Musical Walkalong for Learning

  • Mayne Island Housing Society: $5,000
    start up fees for Housing society

  • Mayne Island Pathways: $4,119
    Trail building

  • Galiano Island Conservancy: $5,000 
    washroom facilities

  • Galiano Museum Society: $2,500
    Museum building

  • Three on the Tree Productions: $1,500
    SNAIL -  interdisciplinary, multi-generational performance at the Pender Island Community Labyrinth

2017 Grant in Aids

  • PIHRAHA: $3,500 

  • Heartwood: $1,285 
    Development of Gulf Islands Education and Events Cooperative

  • Heartwood: $3,000
    New food growing and sustainable energy classes

  • SIMRIS: $4,000
    underwater video camera and equipment

  • SARS: $2,610 
    new jackets and vests

  • S. Pender Historical Society: $3,500
    Tsawout First Nations reconciliation initiative 

  • Ptarmigan: $2,000
    The Gift - John Aitkin

  • Mayne Island Conservancy:  $3,500
    Assistance with costs incurred to purchase St. Johns Point

  • Mayne Island Deer Fallow: $3,500
    Funding assistance for the control of the fallow deer.

  • Heartwood: $5,000
    Series of Classes on Making a Sustainable living on island

  • Pender Island Marine Assoc: $6,100
    Improve public safety for Recreational users

  • SGI Community Resource Centre: $2,000 
    matching funds for Edu-tourism project

  • SGI Arts Council:  $3,500
    Provide community events throughout the SGIs during TDI 2017

  • SSIITS: $700
    Tour des Iles Festival funding

  • Galiano Gulf and Country Club: $640  
    Summer youth golf camp

  • Galiano Island Conservancy: $1,500
    Galiano kids camp & community school salmon in classroom

  • Moving Around Pender $1,412.09
    complete Pender car stop network

  • Galiano Community Food Program $4,220
    school garden project

  • Galiano Island Conservancy: $1,500
    musical walk along for learning

  • N. Galiano Island Community Assoc. $2,116.77
    purchase of large tent

  • S. Pender Historical Society: $2,595.22
    First Nations Reburial Ceremony

  • SIMRES: $1,973.48
    repair damaged hydrophone

  • TELANET Centre for Innovation & Peace: $10,000
    Salish Sea archipelago inventory & atlas

  • Seed library of Galiano: $3,344
    start up costs for society

  • Mayne Island Integrated Water Services $2,000
    water workshops

  • S. Pender Historical Society: $1,600
    2017 reconciliation initiative with Tsawout First Nations

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