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Previous Years Grants in Aids

2021 Grants in Aid:

  • Mayne Island Community Centre Society: $638.40

       Bike Rack Project​

  • Salish Sea Marine Rescue Society: $3,000

       Electronic Communication Headsets    

       During COVID-19​

  • SGI Community Resource Centre Society: $4,000

       Training Certification and Education     

  • Ptarmigan Arts Society: $4,000

      SGI Reconciliation Website Creation​

  • Gulf Islands Galisle Affordable Rental Housing Society: $6,000

      Affordable Housing Water               

      Management Plan and Septic Plan


  • Mayne Island Housing Society: $6,000

      Affordable Housing Predevelopment Assessments

  • South Pender Historical Society: $5,000

       S,DÁYES/Pender Educational Video​

  • Coast Salish Peoples of Galiano Society: $5,000

       Southern Gulf Islands Indigenous Database


2021 Covid Restart Grants in Aid:

In 2021, Director Howe allocated over $113 000 of Provincial Covid Restart money to the Grants-In-Aid fund to support the SGI communities.​ Community groups were able to apply for funding to address shortfalls that have resulted from Covid.

  • Galiano Activity Centre: $5000

      Outdoor children/youth programming          during Covid-19

  • Yellowhouse Art Centre Society: $5000 

       Media equipment to pivot online 

       during Covid-19​

  • Pender Island Recreation & Ag Hall Assoc: $27,000

      Revenue shortfalls, program restarts,          technology​

  • Seed Library of Galiano: $3000

      Technology to pivot seed library to a


2020 Grants in Aid:

  • Galiano Club: $5,500
    Food Bank funds (during COVID 19) and planting coastal Douglas fir seedlings  

  • Saturna Community Club: $2,500
    Take home meals for seniors (during COVID 19)

  • PIHARA: $5,000
    Youth Leadership Training Program


  • Gulf Islands Food Co-Op: $5,000
    Squash Festival


  • South Pender Historical Society: $5,000

  • Saturna Community Club: $20,000

       Revenue shortfalls, program restarts, technology​

  • Pender Island Conservancy: $5000

       Program restart funding

  • Galiano Recycles: $12,000

       Program restart funding

  • Active Passive Performance Society (Galiano):  $4772.31

       Purchase video production package

  • Saturna Recreation Centre Society: $7200

       Revenue shortfall, program restart, technology

  • Galiano Affordable Living Initiative Society: $4800​

  • Ptarmigan Arts: $3,000
    Mosaic Festival


  • Pender Island Junior Sailing: $2,977.30
    Equipment to run courses


  • SGI CRC: $4,360.00
    Tetaces Climate Action Project Course Evaluation Workshop    

  • Coast Salish Peoples Society: $5,000
    Non Affiliated Indigenous Peoples of the Gulf Islands Project    

  • Piers Island Association: $1,625.00 
    Green initiative workshops on decreasing carbon footprint    

  • Access to Media Education Society: $2,442.37
    Galiano showing of Dust n Bones

2019 Grants in Aid:
  • SGI Community Resource Centre:  $5,000             SGI Volunteer program implementation

  • Galiano Club: $3,400
    equipment purchase for cinema


  • Gulf Islands Food Co-op: $6,000
    program to increase food production


  • Saturna Community Club: $4,954
    Meals to Seniors at home pilot project


  • SSIITS:  $5,000
    Tour des Iles Festival 2019


  • South Pender Historical Society: $4,500
    First Nations Leadership & Elders meeting


  • Ptarmigan Arts Society: $4,500
    First Nations & SGI's connecting youth through music


  • Salish Sea Renewable Energy Co-op. $5,000
    Climate Action & Renewable Energy outreach in SGI's


  • Mayne Island Integrated Water Systems Society: $1,000
    educational workshops for water system mgrs in SGI's


  • SIMRES: $1,000
    Project assistance


  • South Pender Historical Society: $3,000

  • Pender Island Conservancy: $3,000 
    Salish Sea Stars - Climate Action Summit


  • Mayne Island Housing Society: $5,000
    project development


  • Pender Island Trust Protection Society $3,075
    Climate Change Community Service Seminar


  • PIRAHA: $7,500
    parking lot project


  • Mayne Island Residents & Ratepayers Assn: $2,500
    Fallow Deer project


  • S. Pender Historical Society: $2,200
    Pender Reconciliation Initiative


  • Pender Island Childcare Society: $955
    Pre Kindergarten music and dance classes


  • SGI Community Resource Centre Society:  $4,000
    Salish Sea Registry implementation


  • Mayne Island Conservancy: $5,000
    Mayne/Galiano Conservancy joint bio blitz 2019


  • Galiano Activity Centre Society: $5,000
    Enhancement of early years playground


  • Pender Island Organic Garden Society: $961.39
    Repair community garden fenc

  • SGI Community Resource Centre: $4,000SENCOTEN-English songwriting project

2018 Grants in Aid:


  • SSIITS: $2,500
    development of webite and reservation system for TDI


  • Mayne Island Conservancy: $3,700
    Stewards in Action Restoration Project


  • Int'l Institute for Childs Rights & Dev: $4,400 
    Pender training Retreat for Youth and Youth Workers


  • Galiano Island Conservancy: $2,000
    Musical Walkalong for Learning


  • Mayne Island Housing Society: $5,000
    start up fees for Housing society


  • Mayne Island Pathways: $4,119
    Trail building


  • Galiano Island Conservancy: $5,000 
    washroom facilities


  • Galiano Museum Society: $2,500
    Museum building


  • Three on the Tree Productions: $1,500
    SNAIL -  interdisciplinary, multi-generational performance at the Pender Island Community Labyrinth

  • Moving Around Pender: $4,907
    Completion of Pilot Project


  • Moving Around Pender: $3,836
    Bus parking relocation


  • South Pender Historical Society: $1,600
    2017 Reconciliation Initiative


  • Galiano Island Community Transport Society: $5,000
    Transportation Pilot Project


  • Pender Island Sr. Housing Society: $5,000
    Proposed development options and early planning study.


  • Pender Animal Welfare Society: $6,000
    dog park fencing and gate


  • SIMRIS: $3,500
    High quality underwater camera


  • SSIITS: $5,000
    Tour des Iles Festival 2018

  • South Pender Historical Society $5,000

      Totem pole carved by Tsawout artist

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