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Resource Inventory » Salish Sea Registry

It is important to have a clear and accurate picture of the talent, technology, business and resources that exist in the Southern Gulf Islands.

The CESC has contracted with a consultant team including Derek Masselink, the UN’s University of Peace in Costa Rica, and Aaron Smith of Holidays for Humanity to develop an online tool that will both poll and isolate opportunities for place-based learning in the Southern Gulf Islands.


The objective of the online tool is to provide an inventory of the unique skills, values, and resources that residents would be willing to share with the world through workshops and other curriculum.  This would allow educational providers to identify the people, places and features to develop an educational program or event on the islands.


The online tool provides a simple, logical, graphic and shareable tool that will work on all devices, 

This tool aligns with the objectives of the Resource Inventory as it identifies the people and resources on the islands which can be applied to any potential economic opportunity--not only educational programs and events.


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