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Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) Speed Test» 

TANEx Engineering Corporation (TANEx) has been contracted to complete the Internet Speed Study, commissioned by the Northern Development Initiative Trust, the Union of British Columbia Municipalities and the British Columbia Ministry of Citizens’ Services. The study focuses on identifying and quantifying geographic areas in BC where the Government of Canada National Broadband Internet Service Availability Map (ISED map) indicates that those locations have internet service available to them at 50 megabits per second download and 10 megabits per second upload (50/10), but users in from that geographic area do not experience internet service at 50/10Mbps level.


The ISED map, based on federal records, indicates which geographic areas receive internet service of less than less than 50/10Mbps. It also indicates which geographic areas are noted in federal records as already receiving internet service of 50/10Mbps or better. Generally, geographic areas shown on the ISED map to be receiving 50/10Mbps internet service, have been deemed ineligible for federal funding to improve internet connectivity.

Link to ISED map, for reference:

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TANEx is encouraging residents, business, industry, and other stakeholders in the Southern Gulf Islands to conduct a CIRA speed test, to generate data on the internet speeds experienced by users. The more tests that are completed, the more robust the data about internet speeds that are experienced. This is particularly important in those areas that the ISED map shows as being served at 50/10Mbps, because of the federal funding eligibility tied to the ISED map.


Link to CIRA speed test:

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