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Together at the Top

The Southern Gulf Islands Community Economic Sustainability Commission (CESC) held a one day Forum on Service Delivery as it applies to rural islands, on Monday August 13th 9:30am at the Mary  Winspear Centre in Sidney, BC.

Over the past few years, island communities have identified a number of key services that are lacking or poorly provided. In addition, since the Salt Spring Island referendum last September, there has been a major effort on behalf of island communities to seek ways in which local services might be created or improved. Some of these services may be locally owned and operated while others will be provided by regional districts, improvement districts or other agencies with the cooperation of the Islands Trust.
This forum was a planned facilitation to gather all these parties together for one round table discussion: the aspirations and the realities of service delivery to small rural islands, and thus, to realize healthy and more sustainable communities.
Below were Presenters at the Forum. We have attached links to the presentations that were provided:

Gabriola Village Development – Jim Ramsay
Vancouver Island University – Steven Earle
SSI Alliance – Gayle Baker
 - Evaluation
 - Governance Working Group Discussion Paper
RD SSI Alternate Director – Darryl Martin
SSI Positively Forward – Maxine Lechter
SSI CEDC – Francine Carlin
SGI CESC – Mike Hoebel
SGI CESC – Mamie Hutt-Temoana
Mayne Island Housing Society – Deb Goldman
CRD – Bob Lapham & Kristen Morley
Regional District Nanaimo – Heather O’Sullivan
MOTI – Jake Roder
BC Government – Shawn Haley

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