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Covid Restart Grants in Aid

In 2021, Director Howe allocated over $113 000 of Provincial Covid Restart money to the Grants-In-Aid fund to support the SGI communities. Grants-in-Aid are one-time grants to fund special projects and activities, awarded to community non-profit organizations who deliver projects benefiting electoral areas (Juan de Fuca, Salt Spring Island and Southern Gulf Islands) that are not already funded by

requisition. They are one-time grants awarded to projects or activities which are beyond the scope of CRD services and represent an appropriate use of tax dollars to benefit an electoral area.

The recipients of these special Covid Restart Grants-in-Aid are as follows:

*Galiano Activity Centre: $5000

Outdoor children/youth programming during Covid-19

*Yellowhouse Art Centre Society: $5000

Media equipment to pivot online during Covid-19​

*Pender Island Recreation & Ag Hall Assoc: $27,000

Revenue shortfalls, program restarts, technology​

*Seed Library of Galiano: $3000

Technology to pivot seed library to a website ​

*Saturna Community Club: $20,000

Revenue shortfalls, program restarts, technology

*Pender Island Conservancy: $5000

Program restart funding

*Galiano Recycles: $12,000

Program restart funding

*Active Passive Performance Society (Galiano): $4772.31

Purchase video production package

*Saturna Recreation Centre Society: $7200

Revenue shortfall, program restart, technology

*Galiano Affordable Living Initiative Society: $4800


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