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Let's Get Moving, Gulf Islands!

Did you know the CRD is considering how to improve transportation options on the Southern Gulf Islands? In fact, the SGI Team has already been out in your communities-- at Saturday Markets and the Galiano Picnic! Islanders came by our tables to share their transportation needs, and to sign up for project updates. If you want to know where we will be next, hit the "subscribe" button on our webpage.

We will continue our community engagement this fall, with open houses on each island, an online interactive website, and during Community Liaison office hours (see below). We look forward to hearing from you!

Community Liaison Office Hours:

Katie Dentry, 100 East Point Rd, Saturna. Mon & Tues, 11am-2pm

Emma Davis, 23 Madrona Road, Galiano. Fri, 11am-2pm

Kat Ferneyhough, 424 Fernhill Road, Mayne. Tues 11am-4pm

Melody Pender, 4605 Bedwell Harbour Rd, Pender. Fri, 10am-4pm


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