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SGI Transportation Service Updates

The Capital Regional District has now concluded their community engagement on creating a new transportation service for the Southern Gulf Islands Electoral Area.

Check out the What We Heard-Round Two report for a summary of the input they received.

Round 2 engagement took place in Winter 2022 and sought feedback on the level of support for the various funding options and the range of proposed transportation solutions. It involved an online survey and four virtual Q&A sessions (conducted over Zoom). A mail out FAQ was sent to every SGI mailbox. This mail out explained the proposals and encouraged people to fill out the survey and attend the virtual meetings. During the Round 2 engagement, 1.5k people visited the Get Involved (Bang the Table) site, and 365 surveys were submitted. The Round 2 Engagement found the majority of people supported a tax requisition to increase transportation solutions in the islands. Eighty-five percent of respondents to the survey indicated a desire for change from the current level of transportation service on the islands. A fully integrated transportation system was the first preference for most participants, and a semi-integrated transportation system was the second preference for most participants.

Next steps: The CRD will be receiving the final report from Watt Consulting with recommendations on creating a new transportation service. The CRD Board will then be presented with the outcomes of this process and will consider whether to pursue a referendum and establishment of a transportation service in the SGI EA.

Stay tuned for updates on this, and thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on the proposed integrated transportation service for our islands.


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