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Island Update » Galiano

The Galiano Club received $13,538 from CWF for improvements to the South Galiano Community Hall with the aim of improving energy efficiency and reducing operating costs. A heat pump has been installed, the windows have been upgraded to double paned, and solar panels have been mounted. Funds were also used to support the planting of trees at the Heritage Forest, in partnership with the Galiano Conservancy Association, Conservancy Hornby Island, and Galiano Excavating.


The North Galiano Fire Commission received $25,000 from Community Works Fund (CWF) for the installation of solar panels on the North Galiano Fire Hall, which was built in 2014. The solar panels will reduce operating costs for the fire department and ultimately for the taxpayers of Galiano Island.


Galiano Lions Park Hall received $40,220 from CWF for hall and parking enhancements. Funds will be used to enlarge the year-round parking for all park and hall users including the CRD skate park and St. Margaret's thrift shop. Funds will also provide secure storage for hall users and a stable heat and air conditioned area for the public to use.


The new non-profit, Galiano Access to Internet Association (GAIA), received $46,000 from CWF for the purchase of capital equipment needed to develop an affordable high-speed internet network for Galiano.


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