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Island Update » Saturna

The Community Club received a $2,500.00 Grant-in-Aid (GiA) from the CRD to continue providing a Take Home Meal Program for vulnerable residents. Program demand increased during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, when many seniors and persons with health issues found themselves isolated at home.

More recently, the non-profit Saturna Commuity Resource Centre took over administration and coordination of the Take Home Meal Program, and they will continue to provide this critical community program during these uncertain times.


After initial delays due to COVID-19, the solar panel installations at Saturna’s Emergency Services Building and the Recreation Centre (Emergency Reception Centre) are now complete. These solar arrays will reduce Hydro costs for both facilities, and these savings can be redirected to other areas of operation. These solar installations were made possible through two separate Community Works Fund (CWF) grants.


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